Sexy Wife Catfights!

On this page you will find a listing of all the catfights featuring Sexy Wife and any upcoming fights you can sponsor.

Sexy Wife is one of the hottest new catfighters in the industry today, and has been tearing up all her competition.

The following videos are currently available for direct purchase. All videos are $35. To make a purchase contact Chris via E-mail:

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Abby Marie vs Sexy Wife 20 minute wrestling Match

Even thought this was a wrestling match it is highly physical and very competitive match between two tough women.

Gia Love Vs Sexy Wife 20 minute catfight

Witness the first big catfight of 2020. Gia Love faces off with Sexy Wife in one of the most aggressive catfights of the year. Gia is a rookie in the catfight world, but gives Sexy Wife one of her toughest fights to date.

Little Rampage vs Sexy Wife 20 Minute Catfight

From start to finish this was a very physical fight. The body punches from both women are brutal, and would knockout the average person.

Paris Love vs Sexy Wife 20 minute catfight

From start to finish this was a very intense catfight. Paris has a full 8 inches height advantage over Sexy Wife. Sexy Wife is hasn’t lost, and hopes to keep her streak alive, but Paris will be a tough challenge. Purchase today to see this amazing fight.