Madison vs Jennifer Thomas – Bare Knuckle Boxing | Female Fights « (

Madison and Jennifer step in the HTM ring for another brutal boxing match, but this time they ladies will fight bare knuckled! The rules are simple a round ends after a knockdown. Both fighters have 15 seconds to make scratch. If a fighter fails to make scratch they lose.

Madison and Jennifer are two of the best in the industry today, and this match is a great example of why. The action is non stop. Both ladies know how to throw a punch, and know how to sell getting punched. This match is pure back and forth action. It’s not until the very end that we have a winner. This fight comes down to a very lucky knockout!

This is easily one of my favorite fights of 2021, and is easily in the top three of my favorite fights of all time from HTM. Scripted boxing doesn’t get much better than this. Pure and simple if you are a fan of scripted boxing/fist fighting than this a no brainer. This match needs to be in your collection! Follow the link at the top of the post to purchase your copy today!!