To me there is nothing better than booking a custom fight video, and in today’s market we have so many different options. By far one of the best to book with is Bae Fight, and the main reason is the amazing custom support.

It’s well known my main focus are scripted bare knuckle fights, and I approached Bae Fight with a custom idea. This was something new for the team, but they where more than happy to film it. We did have a few hiccups in filming. One of the girls I had book had gotten injured a few days before the shoot. This injury ended up being used as part of the story. As the replacement girl came looking for revenge.

My custom featured veteran Bae Fighter Aaliyah vs the Russian Beauty Svetlana. Svetlana was brand new to Bae Fight, but you can tell right off the bat she has all the tools to be an amazing performer in this industry. Aaliyah has proven time and time again she is one of the best at Bae Fight.

This was not an easy task for the team at Bae Fight. This idea of a bare knuckle script was new for everyone, but damn they did an amazing job. The fight starts off slow, but that to me makes the fight seem more realistic. As the fight moves long the girls become more comfortable throwing punches. I was truly impressed with how well both girls adapted quickly to this new style.

Over all this was by far one of the best experiences I had when booking a custom, and I plan on booking with them again. If you are a fan of catfighting, or scripted wrestling than I would also highly recommend you book Bea Fight for you custom needs. Below is a link to the video they produced me, and you can all check out their large video library.

Aaliyah vs Svetlana: Bare Knuckles – BaeFight