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After a short time away from the catfight world. Sexy Wife returns to action against newcomer Sarah Snow. Sarah is a much larger opponent than normal for Sexy Wife. Will this place a factor or will Sexy Wife’s experience be more than enough to earn her another victory?

Sarah shows no fear right off the bat, and goes straight for Sexy Wife. Sexy Wife was caught off guard for a short moment, but recovers quickly. Sarah seems to have some fight experience in her, and gives Sexy Wife one hell of a tough fight. Sarah’s size did play in a factor as Sexy Wife struggled to bring the bigger girl down to the mats.

From start to finish this was a very well rounded fight. Sarah brought her A game for this match, and Sexy Wife was her normal vicious self. Their is a clear winner by the end, and this was a well earned victory. I truly hope to see Sarah continue in the catfight world. She truly has a lot of potential, and fans of Sexy Wife know she will always put on one amazing show!

This is a catfight you can’t afford to miss!!!!