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Sexy Fight Dreams

Stella vs Sabrina bare knuckle boxing

Sexy Fight Dreams has been one the premier producers for scripted female fights. The models are not just that, but are all highly trained fighters. This helps create the more realistic scripted fights on the market. This video is a prime example of their high quality.

I love the pacing of this match. It’s a bit slow but that helps give it a real fight feel. You see the fighters looking for the perfect opportunity to strike. You can tell these are highly trained fighters. When paunches are thrown you feel like they are truly connecting. This is thanks to both fighters selling the hit. Which is very important in a scripted fight.

There is over 20 minutes of some of the best bare knuckle action you will see. From start to finish the fight stay pretty well matched. It’s not until the last five or so minutes that we finally see one of the fighters take full control. Even than the weaker fighter still puts up a fight, and refuses to go down easy.

This is an older video from SFD, but don’t let that fool you. I highly recommend you pick up a copy today. Follow the link below to purchase or check out all the other amazing videos they offer.