This will be the first of what I hope to be of many posts about the history of the female fighting industry. My first subject will be about a producer I have followed nearly my entire time as a female fight fan. I’ve had the chance to chat with this producer, and will love to share with you more about him and how his company started.

Since 1999 JM Rolen has been one of the most trusted producers in the female fight industry. Creating everything from no limit sexfights to over the top and bloody fist fights, and everything in between. JM Rolen has truly proven to be the go to producer for fantasy fights!


JM Rolen was a cartoonist that had a passion for drawing women in fighting scenarios. He had the desire to see his art work come to life. Using his skills as an artist he drew and self published comic books and cartoon stories dealing with fighting women fantasies. After several years of selling his work he was finally able to fund his very first movie, but the next step was finding the right company to help him.

In the spring of 1999 JM Rolen commissioned his very first video with a company called Competitive Enterprises. In this video he booked two truly legends of the industry. Famous GLOW wrestler Hollywood and veteran female fighter Tori Sinclair. The video was titled “Point of No Return.”

In this video Tori confronts he long time bully Hollywood, and challenges her to an all out fight. The two rage war in a variety of styles from clothes ripping catfighting to an all out bloody fist fight. “Point of No Return” truly helped pave the way for all future JM Rolen videos.

JMR-002DL POINT OF NO RETURN Remastered – JMR’s Battling Beauties (

In his follow up video. Rolen again hired Hollywood to star in the companies first boxing match. Alexis Taylor would step up to face Hollywood in “Settle the Score.” In this boxing match their are no ropes, no ring, and no rules! Just two smoking hot women trying to do what ever it takes to bloody up her hated rival.

JMR-003DL SETTLE THE SCORE – JMR’s Battling Beauties (

The next two videos would star both former Playboy Bunny Stacy Burke, and former Penthouse Pet Venus De Light. They would first face off in a combination catfight/sexfight called “Invitation to Cafight.” This was followed up with an over the top nude boxing match called “The Main Event.” Which was a very fitting title.

I had recently watched all four videos, and thankfully the quality of them still holds up today. The action is non stop, and the models are all phenomenal performers. I would still highly recommend any video from JM Rolens early days.

From his start in 1999 up until 2005 JM Rolen would use Competitive Enterprises for his camerawork and stunt coordination. The new era at JM Rolen help usher in new models as well. The likes of Christina Carter, Jewell Marceau, and many more of the hottest adult stars would step in front of the camera to do battle! Jewell would also work behind the camera as a director on a number of films for JM Rolen.

Jewell Marceau

JM Rolen has truly proven to be a master behind the camera in creating some of the best fantasy fights in the industry. The pride in his works shows. Thankfully he shows no signs of slowing down. His dedication to the industry for over 20 years has truly meant a lot to the female fighting industry. Without a doubt he help influence some of today’s top producers. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for JM Rolen!

Please support the industry, and purchase your videos legally. Below is a link to JM Rolen’s main website. From here you will find links to all his stores. Buy purchasing legally you help keep the industry going.