Modest Moms Wrestling

Staring Platinum Fury and Athena Law

“Lake Shore Kumite!” Vol. 3 – Modest Moms Wrestling

It’s well known I love scripted fist fights, and this is easily one of the best I’ve seen all year!!! The Lake Shore Kumite series is new to MMW, but is easily one of my personal favorites. In the latest addition two of the best at MMW go to war in the water.

The fists and insults fly as the two rivals go toe to toe in the water trading heavy blows to the face and body. Doesn’t take long for Platinum to become angry as she hates getting her hair wet. Athena truly loves getting under her rivals skin! These two are so evenly matched that the fight comes down to the very end before one of them takes full control. Who wins this epic fist fight in the water?

Scripted fights from MMW are easily some of the best on the market today. Fights like this are a great example of why. The punches looked great, and both models had near perfect reaction to being hit. This wasn’t an easy fight to film being in knee deep water, and you can see both girls slipped on several takes. This helps add to the action as they use this as part of the fight.

So what is hotter than two smoking hot babes slugging it out in bikinis? This is a prime example of why I love this industry!!!