Staring Angelina Knight and Madison Swan

KINKY CUSTOM CREATIONS – Fight Club Initiation Madison Swan and Angelina Knight (

Angelina wants to prove she is more than a pretty face. She wants to join a fight club ran by Madison. To join Angelina must defeat Madison in a bare knuckle boxing match. Will Angelina prove she belongs, or will Madison be too much for the rookie to handle?

This was my personal custom, and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Angelina has proven to be a popular model on Twitter, and this was her first time performing in a scripted fight. She was working with a true veteran of the female fight industry in Madison Swan.

From the moment the video started you could tell the women had amazing chemistry together. Going toe to toe the two ladies traded some truly amazing looking punches. Both had great form, and reacted near perfect to being hit. It was hard to tell this was Angelina’s first time filming a scripted fight. She came off as a total natural. Both models played their roles perfectly. Angelina as the true underdog, and Madison as the over confident heel.

The action is pure back and forth action. It comes down the closing moments of the fight until a shocking knockout ends the match. The winner sits on top of her fallen victim and rubs the victory in her face. Want to find out who won? You will have to purchase a copy to find out who took home the much earned victory!

A little backstory to filming the ladies filmed this at 3 AM. This was part of a full evening of customs. This had me a little worried at first, but to my amazement it didn’t effect the performance of either model. It helped make the fight seem more real as it went along, and both started to look warn out from fighting.

Booking a custom with Kim Chi was truly an amazing experience. I highly recommend you book with her when you have the chance. Kim’s custom service is top notch, and her abilities behind the camera are simply amazing. You can’t go wrong with a custom Kim!