Ordering your own personal custom video is truly an exciting venture. Down below I will give you a few tips of what to do and not to do when placing your custom order.

Do shop around. Not every producer offers the same. Some only do wrestling, and some will do nearly everything in the fight industry.

Don’t settle for the first company you look at. This industry is full of amazing producers and models.

Do your research on companies that peak your interest. Buy a video from their store to see if the product is something you will enjoy.

Don’t haggle on the price! This is a big one. A producer sets a price for a reason. You have to remember making a custom costs the producer as well. They don’t make a lot off producing your custom. Their sales come from selling your video on their store.

Do follow your favorite producers on social media. A number of them will run specials on custom videos.

Don’t harass the producer on when you will get your custom. Please understand editing can take a while. If a producer filmed several video in the same week. You can expect a slight delay in your video.

Do respect the producers and models. Most do this on the side. If you try to contact a producer and you don’t get a response right away. Understand most have families. Majority of producers have a set time they check their Email.

Don’t book with an unknown producer. You may get scammed or receive a very low quality video. If you question a producer who has no website. Ask for references of previous work.

Do contact the producers if you have a legit issue with your video. Be it an audio or video issue, or if you feel the quality isn’t at it’s best. If you are honest with a producer they will be more than happy to help make it right.