Shelby Paris vs KK Qing Boxing | Female Fights « (

The latest female vs female boxing match from HTM has quickly become a personal favorite of mine. It features everything I really enjoy in a scripted fight. Hot women, lingerie, and amazing action!!!

KK Qing has quickly made a name for herself at HTM with phenomenal fights with both Jennifer Thomas and Ariel X. Shelby Paris is making boxing debut in this match. There nearly a 7 inch height difference between the fighters, but that that doesn’t stop this from being an incredible fight.

As soon as the bell rings the ladies are trading heavy blows. Qing height and power is on full display against the much smaller and less experienced Shelby. But Shelby is very stubborn to the point Qing is trash talking her, and calling her Karen the whole fight.

Shelby does end up getting her ass kicked, but she puts up a great fight. This was in means a one sided fight. Shelby got plenty of offence in, and was able to put on an amazing showing. If you have seen Qing’s work in the past you know you are in for a treat.

If you are a fan of scripted boxing this is easily an video you should add to your collection. Hot women boxing in lingerie! What is there not to like?