Womens Mat Wrestling – Gia Love vs Carmen Valentina (clips4sale.com)

Gia Love and Carmen Valentina have agreed to meet in the WMW ring to settle an old dispute.  They have agreed to box bare knuckled!  Gia doesn’t believe this fight will ended their feud, but Carmen doesn’t care.  All she cares about is knocking Gia out!

Watch as these two ladies lay into each other with vicious punches to the face and body.  Nothing is held back as they go toe to toe.  Neither one is willing to back down.  Both know this fight will not end until one of them submits or is knocked out!

This was Gia’s very first bare knuckle video, and she did an amazing job with this assignment. She was matched up with one of the best in the industry Carmen. These two work very well together, and have created a truly fun and exciting bare knuckle fight.

The action is very fast paced, and only a small hiccup at the very beginning. This was something new for Gia, and this was just a very small miscue. From that moment on we are treated to a pure back and forth battle.

This was my own personal custom I ordered with WMW. WMW has proven time and time again to be an amazing company to have create a custom video. If you are in the market for a custom video of your this is the perfect company to hire.

Pick up a copy of this amazing video for yourself, and see why they are one of the best in the business today.