The life a saloon girl can be very exciting, but at the same time very dangerous. Tonight Frankie Malone will find out first hand the dangers of her profession. While sitting at the bar Frankie is working on some of her card tricks waiting for the right person to walk in. Just so happens tonight the wrong person walks in. Frankie’s old business partner turned bitter rival Tilly McReese find herself in the same saloon as Frankie. Tilly confronts Frankie about swindling her out of $10,000. Frankie doesn’t deny she played Tilly, and is very proud of her work. This doesn’t sit well with Tilly, and she strikes Frankie with a brutal punch across the jaw. Frankie takes Tilly by her throat, and slams her onto the wall. Frankie lands several punches of her own. Frankie lets go of Tilly, and quickly learns this was a mistake. Tilly grabs Frankie and throws her to the ground. Tilly has Frankie pinned to the ground, and starts to lay in the heavy punches to Frankie’s face. This causes red fluid to start flowing from Frankie’s nose. Frankie uses all of her strength to turn the tide on Tilly, and now has her pinned. Frankie is relentless with her punches. The two heated rivals return to the their to feet, both are bruised. They both know that only way they can truly settle this dispute was with their fists. They continue fighting all over the saloon trading heavy blows to the body and face. Neither woman is willing to give up until her rival is left disheveled on the ground. Will Tilly be able to get revenge on the woman who stole her money, or will she being leaving down empty handed?

This was a personal custom of mine. First time using Tillytown, and I was not disappointed. Tilly did an amazing job in creating my custom. Frankie is brand new to the fetish world, and did an amazing job with this project. The amount of detail was truly amazing. Tilly did not skimp on anything, and truly created me a phenomenal custom.

This is a scripted bare knuckle fight that deserves to be in your collection. The outfits alone make this video unique. Do yourself a favor and purchase a copy today.

TILLYTOWN – Deck The Halls 1920×1080 HD MP4 (