This was a given to me by the owner of Modest Moms Wrestling. This video is not for sale yet.

Stop the Fight 2

Athena Law vs Harper Rose

10 minutes of MMA action

Since joining MMW Harper Rose has been a thorn in Athena’s side. These two have battled it out in wrestling, and some of the most brutal boxing matches in MMW history. Today the ladies strap on the MMW gloves for one of their most brutal encounters to date.

This was an absolute war between these two bitter rivals. As the fight rages on the anger from both grows. The two are trading heavy punches and kicks. But neither fighter is showing any signs of giving up!

The fight is getting out of hand now as the fighters are on the mat trading blows and holds. Alex is at ring side to make sure things don’t get out of hand, but she knows when Harper and Athena fight there is a good chance it will get out of hand.

One of the fighters finally has full control, but her weaken opponent won’t give up. Alex has seen enough and stops the fight. A winner is declared, but at what cost?

MMW does an amazing job creating realistic scripted fights. Harper and Athena have proven time and time again to work very well together. This is truly one of their best matches to date. Keep your eyes out for this future release.