BX006 – Luna vs Marica Boxe – Italian Female Wrestling

Very few producers are filming 100% real boxing, and to me that is a shame. Thankfully we have IFW and they are by the best in the industry for real boxing. The women of this company are well trained, and every fight is a nonstop thrill ride.

Today’s review is on a match between Luna an Marica. Luna faced off with Andrea in Boxe5, and put up one hell of a fight with one of the best at IFW. Today she has her hands full with the highly skilled Marica.

As soon as the bell rings for round one you know you are in for a treat. The ladies are not holding anything back as they are going toe to toe trading some very heavy blows early on. These ladies are connecting with punches that would knockout some professional fighters.

These two fighters are very well matched, and the fight is pure back and forth action. We do get a winner, but the fight was close either woman could have one this fight.

If you are a fan of real female boxing than this a match I would highly recommend . You have two highly skilled and sexy fighters. You have pure none stop action! What else can you ask for in a real boxing match?

Every boxing match from IFW gets better and better. I look forward to what else this amazing company produces.