Modest Moms Wrestling

Lizzy Hamilton vs Sugar

Fantasy Foxy Boxing

“Nightcap!” – Modest Moms Wrestling

In this truly epic slugfest PAWG Lizzy takes on BBW Sugar. As soon as the bell rings both ladies are throwing the heavy hits. Sugar is by far one the toughest fighters at MMW, but today Lizzy brought her A game. She is able to dish out just as much punishment as she is taking. You can see Sugar is shocked by this. Will Lizzy score an upset and much deserved win, or will Sugar be able to knockout her worthy rival?

From start to finish this was a truly amazing boxing match. This is by far one of Lizzy’s best to date. She has really improved in the last year. Sugar never disappoints, and her and Lizzy have near perfect chemistry in the ring together.

This is a boxing match I highly recommend to any fan of scripted boxing. MMW never disappoints and this another prime example of how good they are.