15 minutes of bare knuckle boxing

Womens Mat Wrestling – Carmen Valentina vs Davina Winters Curvy Contenders (clips4sale.com)

2020 has truly been an amazing year for scripted fights, and WMW has brought us one of the best fights of year.

In this match up we have one of the biggest porn stars in the industry today in Carmen Valentina facing off with one of the fasts rising stars of the industry Davina Winters.

When you first see this match up you think this will be a total one sided fight, but thankfully that is not the case. These two women created what truly is one of the most enjoyable fights I’ve seen in years.

The two ladies start off in their robes, and slow remove them showing off their amazing bodies. The quickly move to the middle of the mat with their fists up ready to fight. Both know that a bare knuckle fight is the most dangerous forms of combat.

It doesn’t take long for the fists to start flying. Both fighters go for the big hits early. Neither woman is showing any fear as they go toe to toe trading blows.

Both fighters score a knockdown early in the fight, but both fighters continue on. They know this fight can only end with a complete knockout. This is a fight that comes down to the wire. Davina has the size, but Carmen has no fear. Carmen can dish out just as much damage as Davina.

After nearly 15 minutes of none stop fighting one fight is finally take full control, and lays down the heavy blows. Her foe is down, and is unable to continue!

This was one of my personal customs, and both models totally blew away my expectations of this fight. The team at WMW has never failed me on creating my customs. This is a company I know I can always trust!

Checkout a quick video and more photos below.