Platinum Fury vs Alexandria Hamilton

10 minutes lingerie bare knuckle boxing

The two beauties make their way to the ring dressed in the attire of choice lingerie! Today’s match will be a boxing match, but the two fighters have agreed to fight bare knuckle. These two beautiful fighters know the risk of a match like this, but are willing to take this risk.

The bells rings to start the match and Platinum and Alex are going toe to toe from the start. They are trading heavy blows to the body and face. These beauties are holding nothing back in this bare knuckle bout.

These two fighters are well matched, and the fight is pure back and forth. Both struggle to gain full control of this match. Both fighters draw blood, but this doesn’t stop either fighter. Who will win this epic fight?

This was a personal custom of mine, and is by far the best custom I have gotten from MMW. The action is amazing, and both models are simply stunning in this SlugFest!

Any fans of fantasy style boxing and fist fights this is the perfect video for your collection. Amazing action, stunning women, and the price of the video is low. What is not to love about MMW?

Bare Knuckle Beauties: “Lingerie Scrap!” 2 – Modest Moms Wrestling