Friday nights are dedicated to the team at Modest Moms Wrestling. You will see reviews of both classic and new boxing matches from the ladies of MMW.

Tovah Nicks vs Lizzy Hamilton

10 minutes of fantasy boxing

Tovah is one of the new girls at MMW, and is looking for a fight. Lizzy is a MMW veteran, and is more than willing to give Tovah what she wants. Outside of the ring the women of MMW are friends, but as soon as you step foot in the MMW friendships are pushed off to the side.

Tovah and Lizzy are waiting in their corners for the fight to start. The ladies are starting each other down. This will be a fight neither is willing to lose, and one neither will forget anytime soon.

As soon as the fight starts both women are swinging for the fences. Both are landing the heavy blows early on as the go toe to toe. Tovah is able to take control early on as she works Lizzy into the corner. Lizzy seems shocked by the rookies skill. She wasn’t prepared for the fight Tovah is giving her.

Lizzy is able to fight out of the corner, and mount an offense of her own. Lizzy has a lot of power behind her punches, and Tovah is feeling the pain as Lizzy smashes her in the face. Can Tovah withstand Lizzy assault, or will she succumb to Lizzy brute force in the ring? Only one way to find out, and that is to purchase a copy.

This is another prime example of why MMW is one of these best producers of scripted female vs female boxing. This was in fact Tovah’s very first boxing match, and looked like a seasoned veteran. Working with Lizzy only helped Tovah look even better. These two work very well together.

If you enjoy PAWG and enjoy seeing them box. This is a wise purchase for you to make. Anther aspect I love about MMW. Their videos are very affordable, and don’t let the low price fool you. They are extremely high quality.

I look forward to what MMW brings us next!