Daphne and Laney meet up to settle a dispute from work. After a few minutes of the girls throwing verbal jabs at each other they strip to just their under wear.

The ladies are going toe to toe early one trading heavy blows. Daphne takes control early one, and Laney is having issues landing punches. Daphne is proving to be both strong and quick.

Laney is finally able to mount an offense of her own. Daphne is shocked how much power Laney has in her punches. Laney knocks Daphne to her back, and mounts her to lay down some heavy blows. Daphne is back to her feet, and both fighters are looking beyond exhausted.

The fight is far from over, and neither fight is willing to give up. Who will win this battle between two badass women?

Since 2008 Seductive Studios has been a trusted name in the world of custom fetish videos. For a small fetish company they are by far one of the best at producing scripted fights. This is one of their best fist fights on their store.

This is nearly 20 minutes of pure back and forth fighting. The punches are near perfect, and both react to getting hit extremely well. The pace of the match is very quick, and you can tell the camera operator has issues keeping up with the girls.

If you are a fan of scripted fist fights this is a fight I highly recommend you add to your collection. Follow the link below to purchase.