Jewell and Sarah are romantic rivals, and are fighting over the same lover. The two battling beauties hold nothing back as they go toe to toe trading vicious blows. The fight starts in lingerie, but as the fight goes on the tops come down.

Jewell and Sarah are evenly matched, and neither at first can get the upper hand. Jewell is a veteran of fist fights, but the relative rookie Sarah is giving her one hell of a brutal fight. Who wins this violet match between rivals?

Jewell has proven over the years she is one of the best at JM Rolen, and this is a great fight from her. Like always she knows what she is doing. Sarah was a bit new to JM Rolen at the time, but that didn’t stop her from putting forth one of the best fist fight performances in JM Rolen history.

This is a match up that is not to be missed. You will find this fight, and four other amazing fist fights on JMR 133 Hit Parade #6.