Two of the best fighters in the industry meet up to settle a dispute. Sarah Brooke and Bella Ink slug it out bare knuckle in this fantastic match from WMW.

After working together on a private catfight for a customer. The match itself was only meant to be a friendly match, but Sarah took it too far. Bella is pissed off at Sarah for taking the match too serious.

Sarah just laughs it off, but Bella is legit pissed off. Sarah asks what are they going to do to settle this. Bella issues a challenge to fight bare knuckle. Sarah accepts, and the fight is one. Who will win this bare knuckle fight?

From start to finish this was a great fight. Both Sarah and Bella are good at what they do. The action is fast paced, and the punches look great.

This is a match I would highly recommend to any fan of scripted bare knuckle fights.

This was my personal custom with WMW, and they always do an amazing job. They followed my script 100%. The cost of booking a WMW custom is very low compared with others in the industry. If you are in the market for your very own custom. I would highly recommend you book with WMW.