Harper Rose vs Remmy Reign

8 Minute foxy boxing


In 2020 Harper Rose has made a huge impact at Modest Moms Wrestling. She has faced the biggest names in the company, and has proven to be one of their top boxers. In this match she is facing off with newcomer Remmy Reign. Who just happens to be her real life best friend. Will this cause an issue or will Harper not hold anything back?

Simple answer. Hello NO!!! As soon as the bell rings Harper sees Remmy as just another foe, and lays in the heavy hits early. Remmy is able to answer back, and lays in the some heavy hits of her own. Harper looks shocked to see her friend isn’t as weak as she expected. Harper knows she is in for a real fight!

From start to finish this is a great back and forth battle. Harper really has become a huge star at MMW, and her boxing skills have improved quickly. Remmy in her first boxing match shows a lot of skill. Her punches are smooth, and she is very quick in the ring. With these two being real life friends really made it easy for them to put on a great showing.

This is another top notch boxing match from MMW, and is easily a fight to add to your collection today!