Kobe Lee vs Angela Sommers

23 Minute bare knuckle boxing match


Double Trouble is well known for their boxing and wrestling videos. It’s rare for them to film a bare knuckle fight, but when they do you can expect it to be an absolute amazing match.

A prime example of one of their bare knuckle matches is the match between Kobe Lee and Angela Sommers. From start to finish not only is this one of the best bare knuckle fights on their site, but also one of the best fights they have ever filmed.

The first round Angela is in full control as she nails Kobe with a flurry of punches to the face and body. Kobe is unable to mount an offense, and is thankfully saved by the bell in the first round.

In the second round Kobe is able to turn the tide, and now Angela is on the receiving end of Kobe’s wrath. Kobe is working Angela all over the ring. Kobe looks like she is going for the knockout, but is stopped by the bell.

Going into the third round both fighters are tired, but neither is willing to give up. From the third round on the match becomes pure back and forth action. The two brawling beauties hold nothing back as they slug it out all around the DT ring.

One fighter is finally able to get the upper hand, and completely destroys her weakened foe.

So if you are a fan of scripted boxing matches than this would be a match I would recommend for your collection. Follow the link at the top to make a purchase.