Foxy Combat as been a trusted source for over 8 years for real female vs female fighting. One style they do very well is boxing, but unfortunately they don’t film these very often.

One of their best matches is one between Cindy and Anastasia. The intro is amazing as we see both fighters enter with their short robes on. They make their way to their gear, and have a very intense stare down. The two ladies remove their robes showing their amazing bodies. Both are topless with some very tight booty shorts on. The two girls wrap their hand, put on their gloves, and put in their mouth guards. In this fight both ladies are going for a knockout.

We treated to five rounds of some very intense boxing. Neither fight has much formal training, but that isn’t a issue. They are not afraid each other and are going blow for blow. Cindy lands some pretty big punches to Ana’s face several times in the match. By the end of the first round both show a little bit of blood coming from their mouths.

If you are a fan of real boxing you will truly enjoy this match. You have two very attractive women in a 100% real fight. This type of match is an oddity in today’s industry, and when do well they are truly amazing.

Check out the link below to make a purchase, and also browse all their other amazing fights.