I was granted early access to this video by the owner of MMW Alexandria Hamilton. This video is not for sale yet, but will be in the near future.

For nearly three years MMW has become a trusted name in the world of fantasy female fighting. By far their boxing matches have been my absolute favorites from this amazing team.

The match I’m writing about tonight features MMW rookie Harper Rose vs veteran female wrestler Jezebel Romo. All I can say is HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

From the moment the bell rings both ladies are swinging for the fences. The two brawling beauties are going blow for blow. Neither is backing down. Both are dishing out as much pain as they are taking. The young rookie is giving the veteran a real fight today.

We are treated to an all out brawl in this boxing match. The punches are coming so quick that a few connect for real, but neither lady skips a beat. The combos from Jezebel are truly something amazing to see.

This is not only the best boxing match in MMW history, but by far the best scripted fight I’ve seen all year. The action is not stop. The punches look real, and a few actually connect. Jezebel has proven herself time and time again to be one of the best in the business, and there was no doubt she would deliver in this match. Harper has really grown into one of the best on the MMW roster, and this match will truly cement her as one of the best on the roster.

At this time there is no set release date for this match, but please check the MMW website for all future updates.