Tovah Nicks vs Athena Law

9 Minute Boxing Match

Athena is a veteran of the MMW ring, and has faced every new girl who steps between the ropes. Today is no different as MMW rookie Tovah is up for the challenge.

As soon as the bell rings the two sexy ladies are throwing some heavy hands. Early on Tovah is going blow for blow with the much more experienced Athena. The rookie is doing an amazing job stay focus, and waiting for her moments to strike.

About the five minute mark one of the ladies finally starts to take full control. The ending is fully one sided as the weaker woman still puts up a fight, but you can tell the knockout is coming soon.

Athena is by far one of the best at MMW, and it’s always a great idea to have her work with the new girls. She brings the best out of everyone she works with.

Tovah was down right amazing in this match up. He stance was good for a rookie, and her punches looked very fluid. She has a very bright future, and is a truly an amazing addition to the stellar MMW roster.

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