Suitefights returns with two new girls who are catfighting for the first time in their lives in Ivy and Bella… The measurements for the girls are: Ivy-5″2, 115 lbs and Bella-5″3, 125 lbs

Tactics used in this fight: Hairpulling, Titmauling, Punches/Slaps to the body, Wedgies, Headscissors

Rules of the fight: 3-5 minute rounds Most Submissions wins Breast/Pussy mauling, hairpulling and strikes to the body are permitted Biting, Strikes to the head/face, and MMA are prohibited..
On to the fight as both Ivy and Bella started all 3 rounds the same in standup exchanging slaps and circling the blanket. But as the fight went to the ground, one women was in control of her opponent using hairpulling, titmauling and wedgies to inflict pain on her defending opponent who was trying to find a way to withstand the pain and start her own attacks.. Eventually, as the fight continued, the one that was slowly starting to dominate the match pressure paid off in the end… I will say that this fight was in doubt until the end.. Make sure to buy this fight on Suitefights Clips 4 Sale page…