Fetish Fights is a sister company of Italian Female Wrestling. You will find most of their fighters here, but in fights with a more sexual appeal. The fights are both scripted and real.

This match I’m reviewing today is 100% real topless female boxing.

The video starts out with both women in street clothes talking trash to each other. You tell both fighters are more than ready for this fight, and are holding back temptations to start the fight too early. After a very heated face off we are quickly moved to the mats where both fighters are now topless and ready to fight.

The girls hold nothing back, and are throwing heavy punches from the start. Both land some massive blows both the body and head. For the first few rounds neither girl is able to gain control, but during the third round the fight becomes a one sided fight. Andrea is able to take full control of the fight, and starts to beat the living hell out of her much bigger opponent.

Ivy does all that she can to withstand Andrea’s relentless attacks. Ivy is not a weak fighter, but Andrea is by far the most skilled fighter on the roster. Andrea’s punches are smooth and are able to connect with near perfect precision.

If you are in the mood for a real topless female boxing match between two highly skilled fighters than this is the perfect match to pick up.