The long running JM Rolen series All Star Boxing has provided some of the best boxing matches in JM Rolen history.

The 4th video in the series featured Goldie Blair slugging it out with rival Alisandra Monroe in a great back and forth battle. These two have had some great battles over the years, and this was where it first started for the two.

We got female fighting veteran Chrisitine Dupree vs the adult film star Devon Lee in a great battle between young and old. The younger Devon gives the veteran a real challnege.

The real highlight of the video is the match between black beauty Shayla Lane and sexy amazon Anna Avalon. I feel like this was one of the best boxing matches filmed in JM Rolen history. The two women did an absolute amazing job. The punches looked real, and the action was none stop. Fans of back and forth fight will love this fight. It comes down to the final moments before we see one woman take control.

The Shayla vs Anna fight is well worth the whole price of the video. We don’t see scripted boxing matches this good very often. I still to this day enjoy watching this match.

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