In this classic bare knuckle fight we see a battle between two buxom legends Dina Marie Vannoni vs Alexis Taylor!

Alexis has been a thorn in Dina’s side for years. Alexis has laid down the challenge to fight for several weeks, but Dina hasn’t answered. Dina thinks what her ancestors would do.

We are taken to a flashback of one of Dina’s relatives in the old west. She was a bare knuckle prize fighter who never backed down from a challenge even if she was to lose she never gave up. Her relative showed no fear no matter who her challenge was.

Back in the present time Dina knows what she must do now. She must follow the family tradition. She calls up Alexis and accepts the invitation to fight.

The two bitter rivals meet up in Dina’s garage. They agree to a fully topless bare knuckle boxing match. No submissions! No mercy! The fight can only end by complete knockout. By the end of this fight both women will be blooded and bruised. Both know the risk they are taking, and both are willing to do what ever it takes.

One aspect JM Rolen has always been good at is creating a captivating story. This video is a prime example of a good story to go along with some amazing action. Both Dina and Alexis are down right stunning in this epic fight. Both fights in this video hold up well today, and give off a realistic feel to them.

Alexis and Dina acting in this video is near perfect. Alexis in my opinion is the best bare knuckle fighter in JM Rolen history. Hell there is even a whole video dedicated to Alexis bare knuckle fights called “Queen of Fist Fights.”

For any fan of bare knuckle fights this classic video is one that should be in your collection. It has everything going for it. Pure brutal action, and down right beautiful women.