After their legendary catfight/sexy fight in “Invitation to Catfight” Stacy Burke has made a new challenge to Venus De Light. Stacy told Venus at the end of their last fight it would much different if she got her in a fist fight or a boxing match. Stacy has brought the gloves and has issued the challenge.

Venus claims they have no ring, but Stacy says they don’t need a ring. Venus mentions they don’t have a referee, but Stacy doesn’t want a referee! Venus is worried they have nothing to wear, and Stacy suggest they wear NOTHING!!

The clothes are off, and the gloves are on. The two smoking hot blondes engage in a truly epic boxing match for the ages. They battle all over the apartment holding nothing back. Trading thunderous blows to the face and body. They hold nothing back, and by the end both are bloodied and bruised.


This was one of my very first fantasy video purchases. This fight really help cement them as the go to company for fantasy themed fights.

The action is non stop, and both models are down fight fantastic in this epic fight. The punches look real, and both react with near perfect timing. The make up is top notch that it looks like the blood and bruises are real.

JM Rolen has proven time and time again they are the go to producer for fantasy themed fights, and this fight is a perfect example of why they are the best.

Watching this video again it really has hold up well. Very few videos produced today can match the high quality of anything produced by JM Rolen.

Visit the link below to purchase a copy of a true classic.