The latest video from JM Rolen is a two part fight staring Samantha Grace and Nyssa Nevers.

After an exhausting nude catfight Nyssa isn’t ready to accept losing to Samantha. While Samantha is getting dressed she turns around right into a fist from Nyssa. Nyssa tells Samantha “I’m Not Done With You” and puts up her fists. Samantha is more than happy to accept this next challenge!

Part one of this video is an amazing back and forth nude fist fight. The chemistry of both models is simply phenomenal. The action is fast paced, and looks down right perfect. The camera angle is perfect, and really helps create the feel this is a real fight.

Any fans of fantasy bare knuckle fights will love this video, and it’s a highly recommend video for any female fight fan. This is by far the best fist fight from JM Rolen in 2020. The best part the fight is far from over. They continue this epic fist fight with a down right brutal boxing match in part two. I will review this video later this week.

Follow the link below to make a purchase of part one.