In 2020 Gia Love has cemented herself as one of the top cat fighters. She is still a rookie, but has proven to be a tough challenge for everyone she has faced. This year alone she has faced both Sexy Wife and Tilly McReese. Today she faces what will be her toughest challenge to date.

Valor is a veteran of the private catfight circuit, but only recently been put into the spotlight of her recent fights with Lyric and Roxy Hart. Valor has proven time and time again she is one of the toughest fighters in the industry today.

Today’s match up promises to be one for the ages. These two skilled fighters have proven they have the skills to win. The next 20 minutes will be an epic battle that can’t be missed.

As soon as the fighters are given the signal to fight they are tearing into each other. Gia nor Valor is holding anything back. The slaps to the body are vicious, and the hair pulling is down right violent. No body part is safe for either woman as they grab and pull on anything they can get their hands on.

Both woman are delivering some of the hardest slaps you will see in a fight this year. To the point both women are showing hand prints on their tights. Neither fighter is giving up easily, and their are few submission in this match. This means we are treated to nearly 20 full minutes of none stop fighting.

We do have a winner, but this fight came down to the wire. Both women are exhausted, and covered in sweet. You can see in their faces this was a war. Even in the thick of battle the women show each other respect. They know they just fought one of the best fights of the year

This was by far my favorite catfight of 2020. Gia Love has really made a name for herself in a very short time, and this was her best showing to date. She was far more aggressive against Valor than she was in her previous two fights.

Valor has proven time and time again she is one of the best. She has only filmed three catfights, but has been fighting for nearly 8 years. She is one fighter you need to keep your eyes on. If you see her name you know you are in for one hell of a good fight.

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