Zoey is the new girl at Tillytown. Tilly has instructed her personal assistant Paisley to fight the new girl in a bare knuckle boxing match. Paisley is more than willing to comply, and Zoey wants to make a good first impression for her new boss.
Zoey and Paisley are going toe to toe. Each fighter is landing massive punches to her opponents face. Both fighters are evenly match, and Tilly is pleased how well they are fighting.
Tilly is shocked for what happens next. Zoey scores the knockout blow, but Zoey isn’t done yet. She issues a challenge to her new boss to put up her fists. Tilly is more than happy to accept the challenge.
Has Zoey bitten off more than she can handle fighting Tilly, or will she prove this new girl packs a punch? It’s time to fight. Tits out! Fists up!

This was Tillytown’s very first attempt at a scripted bare knuckle boxing match, and all I can say is holy shit! This team came out swing and totally hit a home run.

The first thing that caught my attention was the outfits. All my years of watching scripted fights I’ve seen plenty of catfights in business attire, but this was a first for me in terms of bare knuckle boxing. I was a bit worried at first that they where boxing in heels, but damn they proved me wrong.

The girls didn’t move around a lot, but fighting was fast paced. All three models looked amazing with their punches, and reacting extremely well to being hit. A few moments you could see a gap, but the producers got clever and didn’t add the sound effects of a punching landing giving the effect of the fighter missed. Tiny details like that are apricated.

This is simply one of the better scripted fights I’ve seen all year. Any fans of boxing or fist fights will really enjoy this video. Follow the link below to purchase a copy.