This is a story written by me with permission from the owner of “The Adventures of Katy” blog.

Katy waits in the dressing room for her name to be called. She has fought before in the cage at the PVC Club, and knows how brutal the fights get. The fans and the owner demand blood with these fights. The women who step into the cage know this. The risk of fighting in the cage is high, but the risk is worth it. Only the winner is paid.

Katy finally gets her signal to head to the ring. You never know who your opponent will be in the cage. You can face your best friend or your worst enemy. But no matter what you expected to fight as if you life depends on it. Some nights it does.

Katy enters the cage and sees a very familiar face. Lucy is a fighter she has faced several times before in the past. Katy is looking forward to the chance to spill the blood of Lucy.

The bell rings and Lucy is first to strike. She lands a massive punch to Katy’s face. Katy is quick to respond with a left to Lucy’s belly. Lucy isn’t fazed by this strike and again hits Katy in face this time with a left jab. This sends Katy into the cage.

Katy is already bleeding from the early barrage from Lucy. Lucy has Katy pinned on the cage delivering heavy blows. All Katy can do is defend herself, and look for an opening. She gets her moment when one of Lucy’s punches misses, and Katy is able to land a right jab to Lucy’s jaw.

Katy and Lucy are back in the middle of the cage. Going toe to toe with their punches. Both fighters are bleeding heavily. The fans are loving the amount of violence from these two hellcats waging a war in the cage.

Lucy grabs onto Katy, and puts her into a vicious bear hug. Katy has taken a lot of damage from the fight, and is looking like she is fading fast.

Katy looks like she is fading fast, and must do something before it’s too late. Katy uses her knee to deliver a massive blow to Lucy’s crotch.

Katy is laying down the heavy punches to Lucy’s face. Causing her nose to bust open.

Lucy is now looking weak, and Katy continues her attack. Lucy again tries to grab Katy, and this times places her into a reverse head lock.

Lucy is unable to full lock in her hold, and Katy is quick to counter. Katy now has Lucy locked in a headlock of her own, and pulling back hard on her neck.

Katy has the headlock fully locked in, and will not let go. Lucy is starting to fade. Katy asks Lucy if she submits, but Lucy refuses to give up. Katy adds more pressure to her hold, and it doesn’t take long for Lucy to fade away.

The ring crew is quick to remove Lucy from the ring as Katy celebrates her victory. Katy looks on as Lucy leaves the ring. Katy is showing no remorse for what just happened in the ring. She knows Lucy would have done the same. When you step into the cage at the PVC Club their is no mercy!