I am no stranger to the city of Amsterdam. I have made this trip serval times in the past for business. This is my first time visiting this city for pleasure. I had been enjoying my night, and decided to venture down to their famous Red Light District. One brothel caught my eye right away. The name on the sign read “Grote Fantasie├źn” which translates into Big Fantasies. I enter the establishment, and greeted right away by a group of beautiful plus size women. I make my way to the front counter. Thankfully the lady working speaks English. She explained to me this brothel caters to men or women who enjoy the bigger girls. She handed me a list of activities the girls are willing to perform. On this list something caught my eye the activity of “meiden gevecht.” I asked the lady what was this activity?

She informed me that was a private girl fight. I kindly asked are the girls restricted to any rules when they fight. She replied back it’s only a show, and the girls are only allowed to fight under the house rules. So pretty much hairpulling and body slapping. I than asked what if I was to paid extra for some real entertainment? She smiled at me and told me to wait a moment. After a few minutes she instructed me to follow her to an office down the hallway.

In the office I meet the owner of the brothel. She was a middle age woman, and her self a bigger girl. She asked what I had in mind for real entertainment. I asked her what would be the price to have a private boxing match? She smiled at me, and wrote down a number. She given me a price 1700 Euros, which is roughly $2000. I told her the price wouldn’t be a problem.

I was than asked to wait in the lobby while they set everything up for the evening. I only had to wait about around an hour before I was helped to my private room. I enter the room, and I see two beautiful young ladies sitting opposite of each other. The owner was also in the room, and introduced the girls.

The first girl was Emma. She was a red head, and was dressed in a purple corset. She was very young in the face, and couldn’t have been older than 19. The second girl was Sara. She was a blonde, and is dressed in a dark green corset. Just like Emma she also looked very young. Both girls had their hair up in a tight bun.

The owner than informed me that they were unable to locate any boxing gloves in such a short time, but the girls had agreed to boxing bare knuckle. She spoke to the girls in Dutch, and asked me to follow them into the next room.

The room I was in was their “fight” room. Their was no chair, but only a bed for me to sit on. I was shocked in how big the room was. The owner asked if I was satisfied with the current setup. I told her I was, and told me to enjoy my evening. As she left the room she spoke to the girls again in Dutch. From my years of travel her I understood her telling the girls “to earn their keep.”

As I sat myself onto the bed both girls made their way into the center of the room. Both looked very scared. They stood face to face for a few minutes, but neither would life their fists. To their shock I spoke to them in Dutch.

I informed them I will be adding a prize for the winner. A prize of 5000 Euros. It was at that moment both girls moods changed.

Emma was the first to strike. She landed a left hand into Sara’s stomach, but the punch was very weak. Neither girl had ever fought with their fist before. Sara kind of laughed it off, and returned a punch strait into Emma face. Sara’s punch caused Emma to lose her balance and fall to the floor.

At this moment I was worried that the fight was already over, but thankfully I was wrong. Emma got right back up, and started throwing punches aiming for Sara’s face. Thankfully for Sara only one punch landed. It was at this moment I knew both girls would be determined to win.

Both girls started to trade punches like they been fighting for years. Emma hit a combo on Sara causing her to crash back first into the wall. Sara was trapped on the wall, and all she could do was try and defend herself. Emma started to rain heavy hits into Sara’s body and face. One of the punches landed straight on Sara’s noise causing it to start bleeding. At the sight of blood Emma stopped, but that ended up being a mistake.

Sara was now pissed off seeing her own blood, and charged at Emma. Both girls made their way back to the center of the room. Once back to the center they returned to trading punches. During this moment Sara was able to land a massive blow to Emma’s jaw.

Emma took her hand and moved it across her lips. Sara had busted her lip wide open. Emma responded by hitting a combo to Sara’s face. With in a few seconds both ladies were covered in blood, but neither showed any signs up letting up.

The girls continued this fight for almost 20 minutes. They would take small breaks to get some water, and wipe blood from their face.

You could see it in their faces that both wanted this win, but neither was willing to stop until one of them was knocked out. I could see that this fight was nearing it’s end. Sara was starting to take control of the fight. She would keep Emma from attacking, but Emma refused to go down.

Sara had gotten Emma trapped in one of the corners of the room. It was at this moment the fight came to and end. Emma was able to power herself away from the wall, and as she dodged a left hook from Sara she countered with a monster right jab straight into Sara’s jaw. As soon as the fist hit the jaw Sara was on her way to the ground. Emma made her way to the bed to sit down. Sara was knocked out on the floor. I got off the bed, and raised Emma’s arm in victory.

I handed Emma her prize money, and I took her back to the bed.