Today Sarah Brooks is teaching a new girl how to box. This is Foxy Boxing 101, and her student is Kendra Heart. Kendra is excited for her chance to learn. Sarah explains the best way to learn is to just go at it.

Sarah and Kendra put on their gloves and square up. Sarah is not holding back on the rookie, and shows her how brutal boxing can be. Sarah lands blows to nearly every spot on Kendra’s body. Kendra fights back, and shows her teacher she is willing to fight just as dirty.

When all is said and done will the teacher be too much for her student, or will the student prove to be the better woman today.

From start to finish this was a fun foxy boxing video. Sarah never disappoints. Kendra is still new, but will get better.

With foxy boxing videos you just need to enjoy the show. They won’t always be the best action. These two ladies put on fun 6 minute boxing match.