The first fight between Lyric and Davina was by far the best catfights of 2019. Will their rematch be even better?
Today’s match is a full 20 minute catfight with only short breaks after each submission.
We start off with an interview with both fighters. Davina is fighting for just the third time in her career. She sits at a 1-1 record, and her loss came at the hands of Lyric. You can tell this loss is still on Davina’s mind. She has a lot to prove today on the mats. She can’t afford to lose again.
Lyric turn to be interviewed, and is just as confident as ever. Lyric is riding a hot streak on victories, and plans to continue that streak today. She knows Davina will be a tough challenge.
After the interviews we see Lyric walking down the stairs, and as soon as she sees Davina she makes a b-line straight to her. The fighters are now face to face in one of the most intense stair downs you will ever see between two women. There is no love loss between these two rivals.
As soon as the women are given the go to fight they are tearing into each other with no remorse. The women are dressed in sport bras and thongs, but it doesn’t take long for those to get ripped off. Lyric is first to lose her thong, and this pisses her off. Davina is showing far more aggression early on than their previous fight, and this seems to have caught Lyric off guard.
It’s nearly five minutes into the fight when one of the fighters is finally able to score the first submission. After the short break the fight continues, and just like how the fight started Davina is again showing this new side of aggression. This time Lyric was ready for her.
We are now 10 minutes into the fight, and both fighters are looking exhausted. As the fight continues the aggression from both fighters just continues to grow. Nothing is held back, and they are doing what they can to score a submission.
15 minutes into the fight, and both fighters breasts are swollen and bruised. A short break had to be taken to clean up some blood from one of the fighters. This deep into the match, and the fighters continue to go full force.
We are now nearing the 20 minute mark, and both fighters are beyond exhausted. They continue to fight until the very end. One of the fighters does have a decent lead on points, but this doesn’t stop either fighter. They don’t stop fighting until the 20 minutes is up.
We have a winner, and it was a well earn victory. Both fighters knew this would be tougher than normal fight.
As the camera pans between the fighters you see all the hair that was lost. The shredded pieces of the bras and thongs all over the mat.
Catfight fans know they just witness a fight that will be talked about all year.

The first fight between these two was amazing, and I believe this fight was better. Lyric is a master on the mats, and really has been the go to fighter for the last two years. Davina has an amazing future ahead of her. This was only her third fight, and she went toe to toe with the best in the industry.

This is a fight every catfight fan needs in their collection.

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