This was a custom video created for my birthday by the team at Woman’s Mat Wrestling.

Two of the sexist women in the adult industry put up their fists in what is one of the hottest fist fights I’ve seen.

Sarah is a veteran of boxing videos, and it’s no surprise she did an amazing job. This was Carmen’s very first boxing video, and this was hard to tell. Her punches looked amazing.

The pace of the match is slower than normal, but that works in the models favor. We are treated to some incredible sexy moments between the two trade punches.

WMW has quickly come a go to company for my fight videos. They do an amazing job creating exciting videos. You can everyone involved is enjoying what they are doing.

You can pick up a copy of this video from the link below.

If you have have interest in having WMW create a custom of your own you can contact them via E-mail.