Tonight’s review is a brand new boxing match from Womens Mat Wrestling. Featuring BBW Milah Romanov vs Paris Love.

This was a very unique match up for a boxing match, and I absolutely loved it. I’m very familiar with Paris, but Milah is new to me. After watching this match I’m not a very big fan of Milah. I have a strong love for BBWs, and it’s rare to see any boxing videos featuring them.

The action in this match is fast paced. Paris is bit quicker, and is able to hits some very good combos. Milah has the power advantage, and delivers some very damaging punches to Paris’s body. The women fight all over the ring, and both get caught several times in the corner. This is where the action really picks up.

The fight is neck and neck, but finally one of the women is able to score the deciding knockout. Both fighters are exhausted, but the winner earned this match today. Neither fighter was willing to lose.

This was a great match from start to finish. Both fighters shined in the match. I look for to seeing more from Milah in the future. Paris never disappoints, and this was one of her better boxing matches to date.