KK Qing is making her HTM boxing debut, and her first opponent is no push over. Jennifer Thomas maybe small, but she packs a lot of power behind her punches. KK Qing is a true amazon, but will her size be a match for Jennifer’s mixture of power and speed?

The first round KK is caught off guard by the power the much smaller Jennifer packs in her punches. Jennifer is working KK all over the ring. Delivering rapid fire combos that are causing the much bigger KK to rethink her game plan.

Into the second round KK is final able to start mounting momentum of her own. Jennifer is in shock seeing how fast KK moves for a woman her size. KK is now in control, and swinging for the fences. Jennifer is the doing the best she can to last the round.

We are in the final round, and both fighters are exhausted from this epic fight. Neither one is showing any signs of quitting. Whom ever wins this fight will earn this well deserved victory!

This was truly an amazing fight from start to finish. Jennifer has proven time and time again to be an amazing asset to HTM. This was KK debut female boxing match, and she came off looking like a total pro. She will be a fighter I look forward to seeing more of in the future.

The fight itself is exactly what I look for in a scripted fight. Both fighters are highly trained, and look amazing in the ring together. To any fan of fantasy female boxing this is the perfect video to pick up.

Like may other videos from HTM you have options. The first part of the fight we don’t see who wins. The second part is up to the customer. You get to pick your winner!