Welcome to HTM Week on Fantasy SlugFests Reviews. This whole week will feature some of my favorite female vs female boxing matches from HTM Wrestling. The first review is of the very first match I purchased from HTM.

Scarlett is the Underground Topless Boxing champion, and today her challenger is Andrea. This is a match up of Andrea’s speed vs Scarlett’s power. Who will win what promises to be a brutal match?

Both fighters are interviewed before the fight, and give their opinions on their opponent. After the quick intro both fighters are ready, and the match is on.

Very early on Andrea is using her speed to hit some quick combos, and doing what she can to avoid Scarlett. Scarlett is able to hit a few quick shots, but isn’t able to connect with any of her stronger hits. Andrea is just too fast. Scarlett knows she must find a way to slow Andrea down.

Andrea is able to work Scarlett into the corner, and hitting a rapid fire combo. Scarlett is able to shake off flurry, and able to mount an offence of her own. Scarlett know has Andrea trapped, and starts to land the heavy blows needed to slow down her much faster foe. After this exchange both women are showing signs of fatigue. This fight is taking a lot out of both, but we are far from over. This is truly going to be a fight to remember, and their is no telling who will come out on top.


This was my first video I ever purchased and seen from HTM, and right off the bat I was hooked. I was truly amazed with the high quality of this video. I seen good matches from other companies, but this was something much different. You can tell the amount of pride that went into this fight. Not just from the models, but from everyone involved.

The action is none stop, and the punches look down right amazing. The camera angle is perfect, and both models react extremely well to being hit. You feel like you are watching a legit boxing match. If a none fantasy fan saw this they may actually think this was a real fight. It was that good.

If you have never seen a HTM boxing match this is the perfect start with. This truly is one of the best scripted boxing matches filmed in the last decade. You can never go wrong with a boxing match from HTM!