JM Rolen

Staring: Amber Michaels and Krissy Lynn

Amber Michaels is a veteran of fist fights, and her challenger today is young porn star Krissy Lynn. Krissy has had been making an impact in her short time in the fight industry, but Amber has the experience. Who will win this epic bare knuckle fight?

I truly loved this match up of old vs new. Amber has been one of JM Rolen’s best performers for years, and she never disappoints. Krissy in a very short time in filming for JM Rolen has proven herself to be a viable asset.

JM Rolen is well known for creating high quality fist fights, and this video a great example of how good they can be. Both models do a great job creating a fantastic fantasy fight. The punches from both look real, and both are able to react properly to being hit. The camera angle is perfect and helps create a real fight feel.

The action itself is pure back and forth fighting. The women start off in white shirts, and thongs. By the end of the fight both are nude, and covered in sweet and blood. Who wins this epic bare knuckle fight? You will have to purchase a copy to find out.