JM Rolen

Hollywood Vs Alexis Taylor

Hollywood is day dreaming when all of a sudden her rival Alexis Taylor is in the room. Hollywood looks down and notices she is now in her boxing gear. Not sure what is going on, but Hollywood is more than willing to fight. She has to Settle the Score after losing to Alexis in their last fight. Can Hollywood defeat her rival or Alexis still too strong?

JM Rolen has been the go to company for fantasy boxing, and this was the video that started it all. This was my very first video as well from this amazing company. This really set the corner stone of one of the best in the industry.

The action in this fight is none stop. The punches look down right amazing. From both women having proper form to them reacting perfectly to being hit. The match is back and forth, and comes down to the final moments before the knock is scored. Nearly 30 minutes of pure boxing action.

This match is truly a legendary video, and features two of the biggest names in the history of fantasy female fighting. If you haven’t seen this fight do yourself a favor, and visit JM Rolen website to purchase a copy. You will see why JM Rolen fantasy boxing matches are second to none.