Gia Love has quickly made a name of herself in the world of real catfights. Tilly McReese is veteran of the catfight world, but recently went into retirement. Since entering the catfight scene fans of been dying to see Gia lock up with one of the big names of the industry, and little did they know this was about to happen.

Something sparked Tilly to come out of retirement, and face off with this very talented rookie fighter. Gia knew this was the perfect opportunity to really make a name for herself in this industry. What was only a dream match has now become reality.

Tilly herself talks about how her career as a model is the main reason she stopped fighting. She had the urge to return to the mats, and facing off with Gia was the perfect opportunity to show her fans she can still go.

Less than three weeks after her brutal fight with Sexy Wife. Gia took this fight with Tilly. Gia is more than game to take on one of the best in the business.

After the short interview with both fighters we are ready for action. The women face off, and as soon as they given the word the fight is on. Nothing is help back during this fight. Tilly hasn’t fought in a while, but is showing no rust what so ever. Tilly is showing Gia why she is one of the best. Gia will have to work for this victory.

The fight it self is one of the more vicious fights I’ve seen in years. Both women walk away with a lot of damage to the bodies. The action is none stop from start to finish. The only down time is after a submission, but even the breaks don’t last long. Neither fighters wants to waste time.

The winner of this fight had to earn it, and by the end was very satisfied with her victory. Even the loser was happy with the outcome. Both knew this was a fight that will down in history of the industry.

Do yourself a favor, and purchase a copy of one of the best fights of 2020. You will not be disappointed. You can find a link to TillyTown near the photo at the top of this review.