Tara and Casey square off in this bare knuckle fight

Tara and Casey have meet up to settle an unknown dispute. The women are dressed in sexy black one piece suits. Their hair is up in a bun, and they are more than willing to fight.

Casey is locked on target and ready to make her next move

The ladies knew this would be a rough fight, and neither one was willing to take it easy. The punches are on target, and each are taking damage. Both are determine to win. What ever made these two fight like this must have been series.

Tara connects with a massive left.

This fight is pure back and forth action from start to finish. This was a first for both models, and they did an amazing job creating a fight. This was my very first custom with Seductive Studios. I even booked these two in my follow up custom.

The blood is flowing from both fighters.

If you are a fan of fun fist fights than this would be a perfect video to add to your collection. What is hotter than two sexy women in lingerie fighting?