This isn’t my normal review. Normally I write about one video. This time around I will talk about a company in general.

I was contacted by the owner of a company called Only Bad Girls Need Apply, and was offered several videos to review. After watching all the video gifted to me I couldn’t decide which video to review.

Out of all the videos gifted to me not a single one was bad. The matches ranged from classic female wrestling to all out catfights. I could see why they called them selves Only Bad Girls Need Apply. The women in this video are total bad asses.

One of the wrestling matches featured one of the biggest names in the industry Sybil Star. Everything this woman does is pure gold, and the match she was featured in was just what you expect from her. By the end of the match Sybil’s opponent had to be taken away by stretcher.

Another personal favorite of mine Bella Ink was featured in a match gifted to me. This was a catfight, and no shock Bella was amazing in this match. Bella is a born fighter, and she fully dominates her opponent. Bella even gets the chance at the end to sexual dominate the loser.

This company offer more than just wrestling and catfights. You can find a wide variety of other amazing fetish videos. When you watch a video from Only Bad Girls Nee Apply you too will know why they are called this.

Follow the link below to check out all their amazing videos.