Fetishlands Fight Night

Staring Hannah Perez and Tilly McReese

Fetishlands Studios is still a bit new to me, but so far every video I have purchased from them have been very impressive. This video is prime example why Fetishlands is one of the best in the business.

The video starts off with both fighters speaking to their trainer Todd. Both are very confident in their abilities, and have no doubts they will walk away the winner.

The fighters meet outside and meet face to face. Both looking their opponent straight in the eyes. Both fighters know this will be a war.

The first round the fight is back and forth. Hannah is going for the head early and hits Tilly with a series of combos to the face. Tilly answers with a few combos of her own aiming more for the body. Nearing the end of the first round Hannah is able to connect with a massive right that sends Tilly down. Tilly is saved by the bell.

Moving into the second round Tilly is a bit dazed but is quickly able to recover. Tilly is now on the attack, and is able to knock Hannah down. Hannah is able to recover fast, but Tilly stays on the attack. Tilly looks like she is again going to score a knockdown when the second round comes to an end.

Entering the final round both fighters are showing signs of fatigue, but neither is willing to lose. The hits in the final round are hitting their mark, and we have ourselves a winner. Who won? Well with this video you get two different endings. So the fans get to pick who they want to win.

This was simply one of the better scripted boxing matches I’ve seen in awhile. So much of what I love in scripted fights was featured in this video. Both fighters are smoking hot in their outfits, and the action is fast paced. Both models did an amazing job reacting to being hit, and making the fight entertaining for the fans.

It’s hard to find high quality fight videos at a low price, and thankfully with Fetishlands Studios that is just what you get. This is a fight I would highly recommend to any fan of scripted boxing matches. You can’t go wrong with this choice. Follow the link below to purchase a copy.