This is simply a fun boxing match. The girls are not the most skilled in the ring, but this is a fight that is still a lot of fun to watch. The women are both smoking hot, and look amazing in their outfits.

Neither woman has must experience boxing, and it shows. Both are much more suited as wrestlers. This doesn’t stop them from putting on a really fun boxing match.

The first round is back and forth, but towards the end one fighter starts to take over. The start of the second round the fight becomes even more one sided. The weaker fighter all she can do is cover up, and hope for the round to end.

We enter the third round, and the weaker fighter is still putting up a fight. But it’s not too long now, and she is down for the 10 count.

This is one of those boxing matches you don’t watch for the skill. This is one of those fights you just have to simply enjoy due to the women involved. Both do an amazing job putting on a decent showing.

So if you are a fan of foxy boxing this is a match that would be right up you alley.