I been sitting on the idea of hiring MMW to create me a custom video. Every time I think I was ready some came up, and I had to pass. Thankfully early this year MMW had a custom sale, and jumped on my chance to finally order my own MMW custom. Boy was I in for a ride.

This review is about my very first MMW custom. Sorry if I seem a bit bias, but this video was very well made.

Sativa walking to the ring

This video starts off with a short intro of both fighters. Each with their own little entrance. Once both ladies are in the ring it doesn’t take long for the action to start.

Athena is more than ready for this bare knuckle fight!

As soon as the bells rings the fists are flying. Athena is the first to strike, but Sativa is quickly able to mount a attack of her own. Athena recovers quickly, and delivers one of the best three punches combos I’ve ever seen in a scripted fight.

Athena lands a massive three hit combo.

Sativa is hurt from this exchange, but is determined to prove she belongs in the ring. Athena mocks Sativa, and motions to her to bring it. Sativa is more than willing to answer, and is able to work Athena onto the ropes. While on the ropes Sativa lands a massive combo of her own. This shocks Athena, but she doesn’t let this distract her.

Both fighters are not willing to go down easy, and this is a fight that won’t stop until one is knocked out. After nearly 8 minutes of back and forth fighting. One fighter is able to take full control, and shows no mercy to her weaker foe. The final blow is delivered for the knockout, but the winner isn’t happy. She mounts her knocked out foe, and rains down the heavy hits for good measure. She want’s to make sure her opponent understands who’s ring this is.

This match is pure action from start to finish. I was beyond pleased with this video. For my first ever MMW custom I couldn’t have been more pleased. If you are a fan of bare knuckle fights than I highly recommend you pick up a copy.